All of our franchisees have become multi-store owners since buying their original nursing uniform franchise locations. Our franchise owners are successful in business without having to give up the things they love. You’ve probably already read Mark’s success story on Our Story, take a minute to read how two other franchisees got involved.


Franchisees since 2002

Brigette and Dave own two scrub stores and get almost all the help they need from their 9 daughters! Family friends of the Vana family, saw the fast success of the business and they asked “How can we get involved?” After much prayer and careful thought, Brigette and Dave became the first franchisees, but not the last. In 2013 they purchased their second location. Brigette handles the day to day operations of her franchises with her daughters’ help. Their scrub franchises continue to grow and become more and more successful as time passes.


Franchisees since 2005

Vicki and Troy own two franchises and are our most successful owners. Early on Vicki and Troy noticed what was becoming of Mark’s nursing scrubs business and they also approached Mark about an opportunity to open a franchise. In 2012 they purchased their second scrub store franchise. Their two locations continue to grow very rapidly thanks to the friendly service that Vicki gives customers and Troy’s careful attention to detail and financial planning. Troy came from a similar career as Mark, driving a truck and route sales for a soda company and he says he doesn’t miss it at all.

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