In 1995 Mark Vana was 32 years old, married with three young children, and had three jobs taking home about $24,000 a year. One of his jobs was as a route salesman for an industrial uniform rental company. This rental company often had an excess of used garments that they would throw away simply because they didn’t have room for them anymore. Mark had the idea to begin taking these used, yet adequate work clothes and sell them to a small retail store called Affordable Workwear, located in Garfield Heights, Ohio, that sold new and used work clothes. Mark would take a cargo van full of used work clothes to the manager of the shop for a couple hundred dollars. The extra $200 that Mark made on these work clothes was a small fortune for the young father of three. Some time later, Mr. Vana noticed that Affordable Workwear was going out of business and he was going to lose his much needed extra income. He decided to speak to the owner about the decision. After meeting the owner of Affordable Workwear, he began an immediate friendship with him based on their common Christian faith and similar business interests. A deal was arranged, and Affordable Workwear was no longer going out of business. The work clothing company was soon under new ownership.



With his new business, Mark quickly saw the need for affordable scrubs and medical uniforms and was able to slowly introduce medical apparel into the store. This was an immediate success, and soon the number of medical uniforms exceeded the number of work uniforms. Mr. Vana expanded his small, 1,000 square foot store to make room for more medical uniforms. Affordable Uniforms became the brand name in 2000 in order to reflect the new direction and success of the business. A second store was added in 2000, as well as an On-Site Sales division that is designed to service hospitals and nursing homes. Friends and family saw the success of the company and asked how they could become involved with the business venture. With the addition of new members in the company in 2002, the current medical uniform and scrub store franchise was born, and the third location of Affordable Uniforms opened. The success of Affordable Uniforms has continued to skyrocket due to the rapid growth of the healthcare industry. Today, there are seven Affordable Uniform locations that all reside in the state of Ohio, and the On-Site Sales Division also continues to thrive. The original Garfield Heights location is still owned by Mark. 

If you can foresee the future potential for even more success and growth of our scrub franchise due to the exploding healthcare industry, take a minute to request the information that may change your future and put you at the front of this exciting business.

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