Let us answer a few of the most common questions we hear about our scrub store franchise opportunity. Take a few minutes to read through these questions and answers in order to gain a better understanding of how we opperate our scrub store franchise.

Q. What type of franchise is available?

A. We franchise the right for you to establish and operate a retail scrub store that sells medical uniforms and professional garments. We specialize in medical uniforms, nursing shoes, and accessories. Providing the largest selection of discount nursing scrubs and accessories, we strive to for an extremely high level of customer service, all while saving the consumer money.

Q. How much does the franchise cost?

A. The initial franchise fee is $25,000. The average cost, including the franchise fee, is $250,000 to open your store. This average includes all expenses including inventory, signage, computers, fixtures and more. The total investment is between $175,000 and $325,000.

Q. How much is the fee for continuing support services?

A. The continuing services or “royalty fee,” is 5% of your net sales and is paid monthly. This fee entitles you to use the “Affordable Uniforms” service mark, use of distinctive system, marketing assistance, ongoing business development and counseling, and other benefits that come with being an Affordable Uniforms franchisee.

Q. Will I have an exclusive territory?

A. Yes, you will have an exclusive retail territory. We will grant you a territory, defined by zip codes or other physical, or natural boundaries. You will have the only right to open one retail Affordable Uniforms scrub & uniform store in your territory. 

Q. What about advertising?

A. Affordable Uniforms takes a customized approach to marketing your franchise that you will have access to when you become a franchise. We sometimes charge up to 1% of your revenues to help fund the corporate marketing campaign that will continue to build and develop the brand for your market. We do not always have a corporate campaign in place so we do not always charge a marketing fee. Any additional funds from a corporate campaign are redistributed back to you.

Q. How much training is provided?

A. The initial training covers all material aspects of the operation of a Affordable Uniforms franchise and is comprised of classroom and on-the-job training. We also will provide training at your location and work with you and your staff before your Grand Opening. We provide at least three weeks of training. Additional training is always available to you. Also, our franchisee intranet provides lots of resources to make operating your scrub store franchise easier and faster.

Q. What Franchise Territories Are Available.

A. Currently, we are offering franchises anywhere in the United States. Specifically, in Ohio we are looking to open franchises in Cincinnati, Toledo, and Youngstown. We like to open scrub store franchises around larger cities with a population of about 75,000 people, because where there are people, there are nurses and health care professionals that need uniforms and great service. 

Q. What is my next step?

A. Request more information here and we’ll get in touch. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Joshua Vana at (216) 271-9597 x7 or e-mail at joshuavana@affuniforms.com. We look forward to speaking with you.

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